Allah Hu Ackbar at Christmas

26 Dec

Well it’s that time of the year again when all the Islamists come crawling out of their lairs to give Christians the gift of death, I’m talking about Nigeria and the sad loss of nearly 40 innocent people who attended their local church on Christmas eve. You might say it’s only a minority, or they’re not Muslims but in reality, they are Muslims and even though it’s only a minority who actually plant the explosives the majority of Muslims agree with their demands and that is an Islamic state governed by Sharia law in Nigeria regardless of what the Christian Majority want.
Is it any surprise that the world distrusts Muslims after all it’s not just Nigeria where Christians or any other religious group are being targeted, it’s any country with a Muslim population including the west. In my own opinion I can see this getting a lot worse and I can see the killing of non Muslims by Muslims happening in Europe before to long. People might say I’m being Islamophobic or at an extreme racist but it’s just my opinion and it hurts nobody.
A recent ICM poll was carried out on 600 university students all from a Muslim background and it revealed that 4% of people when asked ” Would they kill to further Islam in the world” stated “Yes” ok thats only 24 out of 600 but to have 24 people on campus with that sort of mentality is worrying, other questions in the poll were ” Would you kill in defence of Muslims” the response was 34% said yes and 42% said they would like the UK to be an Islamic state governed by Sharia Law. So they have the same goals as all the Islamist groups around the world and they have a significant number of people who would go to an extreme to achieve it, worrying statistics for the future of the UK and given the changing demographics of our towns and cities I can only predict bloodshed in the future.

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